Nationwide Paintball Game Zones

Nationwide Paintball has the best paintballing games in the UK. Each venue has a variety of different game types in a number of different settings and locations.

The Crypt


Who in their right mind would want to play paintball on the haunted Crypt? With gravestones for cover you might be asked to try and get in and capture the opponents holed up in this monstrous paintball game

The Fort


Probably the most popular paintball game at any of the venues is the Fort. A twin level behemoth of a game this 360 degrees battle station is just the mutts nutts.



Take six WW2 Pillboxes and place them in the middle of a paintball game. Then ask each side to see who can take the most in a 20 minute game.

Pirate Ship


Pirates and Paintball. What a combination. Two of our favourite things. Stick a realistic, full sized pirate ship in the middle of a woodland - as you do - and have two teams battle it out for control.

Plane Rescue


A paintball game with a plane in it. On the venues that have this, this game is always one of the most popular as the excitement is ramped up through the believability.



The clue is in the name of this phenomenally fast paintball game. Lots of dashing around, not much cover and tight playing area make this the game of choice for those that like their paintball games frenetic and fun.



In this brilliantly exciting paintball game two teams battle to take control of each others stage coach. Two split level buses at each end of the game zone are separated by obstacles and each team has to battle their way through to the other end and take over the opposition teams stagecoach



The Tower is huge. It's multi-level and it's heavily defended. Viewable from quite a distance away, this paintball game provides two possible scenarios.

The Village


This is the ultimate paintball game. Everyone who loves paintball loves playing the village games. Whether it's in attack or defend mode the Village game presents the greatest tactical challenge of any paintball gam

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